Comfort Recommendations for Position Sleepers

Stomach Sleepers– Christian's Mattress Xpress recommends a mattress with a supportive midsection to help keep your spine aligned and to prevent any type of arching that can put unnecessary strain on your body. 

Side Sleepers– Christian's Mattress Xpress recommends a mattress that allows contouring to the curves of your body, such as your hips and shoulders.

Back Sleepers– Christian's Mattress Xpress recommends more of a universal style mattress. The mattress choice would then be determined by personal comfort preferences. If a bad back is the concern then we recommend a supportive core mattress. 

Please call to setup an appointment with one of our Sleep Xperts at one of our convenient locations. 


Using a Proper Bed Frame

The bed frame underneath your mattress provides a solid foundation for your comfort. To get the most from your mattress, use a properly sized frame. We recommend a frame with a center support bar for all mattresses larger than twin-sized. Christian’s Mattress Xpress offers a full line of bed frames to ensure the best long-term performance of your mattress.


Cleaning Your New Mattress

To keep your mattress clean, we sell a range of washable mattress protectors. A mattress protector is the easiest, most cost-effective way to protect your mattress. For additional cleaning, we recommend only vacuuming to remove dirt or buildup from your mattress. Do not use liquids to clean your mattress, as this may cause mold to form.


Getting Used to Your New Mattress

Just like wearing new shoes or driving a new car, sleeping on a new mattress takes time to get used to. Usually it takes a few weeks for your new mattress to fully adapt to your body and for your body to adapt to the mattress.  As your mattress adjusts to you, your body may form slight impressions on the surface of your mattress. Impressions are normal and are a sign that the materials are doing their job.


Rotating Your Mattress

To ensure your mattress wears evenly over time, follow the rotation instructions included with your purchase. During the first three months after purchasing a new mattress, rotate it head to toe once every four weeks. After that, your mattress should be rotated four times per year (as directed in the manufacturer’s instructions). Your bed’s foundation should also be rotated once per year.