The ReST Bed™


The ReST Bed™

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Smart sensor technology delivers real-time unique body pressure map to the ReST app.

Ergonomically designed 5 body zone customization
Automatic real-time response.

3 modes of app operation to allow your preferred level of support & automation:

  • Manual: Maximum customization. Adjust 5 body zones independently for ultimate pressure relief custom fit to your unique needs

  • Auto-position: Customization & automatic response. Memory lock settings for your 5 body zones in two different sleeping positions – back or side, and as you change position naturally during the night, the bed adjusts for you.

  • Automatic: Ultimate automatic response. Choose a general comfort setting from soft to firm, and let the smart bed work its magic – adjusting each individual zone automatically and in real-time throughout the night based on your unique pressure distribution.

Independent control on each side of the bed.

Limitless firmness configurations.

Split top available (King or Queen) for ultimate adaptability with an adjustable base.

4” cooling gel-infused memory foam top for added comfort.